It is important for all members, prospective members and business associates to understand that Les Mielles Golf Club and Les Mielles Golf and Country Club are two separate entities. The Golf and Country Club (generally referred to as 'The Course') own the golf course, the clubhouse and all associated facilities and The Golf Club (generally referred to as 'The Club') is the EGU affiliated body that takes care of all 'official' competitive amateur golf at the course.  It is a pre-requisite that every Club member is first and foremost a member of the The Course as it is The Course that administrates greenfees, insurance, hospitality services etc. 

There are many crossover points at which the Club and the Course work extremely closely together in delivering a total package of competitive golf and social events for the benefit of all Club members and through this, the relationship between Course and Club is both positive and healthy. Members, prospective members and business associates of Les Mielles Golf Club are politely requested to remain mindful of the fact that whilst the Course is extremely respectful of the opinions voiced by the Committee of The Club, it is a privately owned and operated business and as such, the Club has no control over the facilities and services provided by The Course, just as the Course has no control over the administration of Club business. 

Should you ever have cause to complain about any aspect of your experience as a member at Les Mielles (Course or Club), you are respectfully asked to carefully consider which entity your complaint should be directed to in the first instance as this will save time and avoid frustration. Ultimately, both entities are service providers and both want you to enjoy the services that they provide, so your issues will always be listened to and taken seriously by the appropriate entity - it's just important to ensure that they are expressed to the right one.

Please note that all views expressed on this website are not representative of Les Mielles Golf and Country Club, whose website can be found by clicking HERE.
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