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  • President Day

    LMGC President Herbie Jennett would like to invite all its members to join him in the first annual President's Day.

    Lets make this an enjoyable day for our president by enjoying the golf and supporting the presentation event.

    Full details can be found on the attached poster and i will be adding the entry sheet to our notice board over the weekend.

    Many thanks

  • Fore


    We want to remind every member that it is their duty to shout FORE if they hit an errant shot. Even if you think the shot will safely miss another player it is your duty to warn them.

    We have many holes close together and the course is generally busy so there is always a chance a stray shot could hit someone so please refresh your etiquette and give it a loud FORE if your ball is heading anywhere apart from the middle of your fairway.

    Many thanks


    Gentlemen, it has been brought to the attention of the committee that certain groups have been guilty of slowing down the entire course on the past few Saturdays and with qualifying golf starting this week, and the inevitable bigger fields that this will attract, we wish to make our position on this matter quite clear.

    Slow play is the number one pet hate of all golfers and can ruin a round of golf for dozens of people. The etiquette, rules and traditions of the game provide for all given problems, so there is no need whatsoever for it to occur. Quite simply, if you are not keeping up with the group ahead of you, you are in the wrong and you must rectify the problem immediately, either by speeding up and catching up, or standing aside to let the group behind you through whilst you attend to your problem.

    Please ensure that you and your playing partners are not guilty of causing any kind of delay on the course. There is a page in your diary explaining all that you need to do to avoid slow play, so please remind yourselves of what is expected. Furthermore, should it become necessary for a committee member to talk to you about your pace of play, please respond with respect. Anything less will not be tolerated. Those who choose to ignore such warnings or show any kind of contempt towards committee members can expect repercussions.

    Many thanks.

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